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Expert Counseling Help for a Schizoid Personality

Schizoid personality issues often start in childhood. Many children learn how to become comfortable with being alone. While initially they often find activities to distract themselves from thinking about their loneliness, they may claim later that they occupy themselves with solitary activities out of boredom or to pass time. Sometimes being neglected as a child can result in a wounded spirit where we see ourselves as unloved and unlovable and the treatment as an invalidation of our worth. While females can develop features of a schizoid personality it is more prevalent in males. Men naturally tend to give less importance to relationships than women do but the schizoid person takes being a loner to excessive levels. Conceivably schizoid personality difficulties could also be due to biological causes similar to autism or other pervasive childhood developmental disorders. hich cause us to try new hairdos, the latest fashions, sag our pants or get tattoos in order to get people to notice us. Painful experiences while growing up, just as our personalities and identities are forming, can cause us to form certain habits and patterns early in life that we continue using even though they can be dysfunctional for us as adults. Ironically the histrionic personality is prone to adopt an outrageous appearance designed to attract positive attention only to illicit unfavorable responses. We continue blindly doing things we learned as children even though they no longer work..

Let us help you discover the ineffective coping strategies that you have adopted and how to implement better ways of interacting with others so that you can have the life you always wanted. You know deep down inside that your appearance should not be whether people love you or not. Please know that as humans we counselors have had to confront these things in ourselves too. We can help you examine yourself without making you feel judged. Push through any feelings of embarrassment you may be having that limit the blessing awaiting you and arrange for a time to talk with a counselor today.

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